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Smart Wireless Connectivity for CNC Machines

FBR-100AN is a dual band wireless bridge for CNC Machines. It bridges factory machines on the floor to the monitoring systems using MTConnect. MTConnect is a communication protocol which is used by many major manufacturers to efficiently connect factory machines to their host systems. 

Machine tool manufacturers and users can collect machine operation data on factory lines and transfer them to the host system using wired or wireless LAN to reduce maintenance cost and improve their operation. 

Protocol Converter for CNC Machines

FBR-100AN does the machine language translation for the monitoring host, which traditionally is done using a PC or a designated computer. FBR-100AN is a compact unit that can not only do the machine protocol translation but can send it via wireless to the monitoring stations. 

It is compatible with Fanuc’s CNC-equipped machine tools and equipped with the open protocol MTConnect, a protocol which has been widely adopted by machine tool manufacturers in the United States. OPC UA is another machine communication protocol that is supported by FBR-100AN. It is the recommended protocol by the European Industry, in cooperation with FANUC. 

FBR-100AN allows machine tool manufacturers, system integrators, and their users to collect machine tool operation data in the factory and connect to a more sophisticated wired /wireless LAN system.

Securely connect CNC machines to Network for machine monitoring

FBR-100AN provides a way to securely connect CNC machines isolating their control system network from monitoring system network. CNC machine data can be retrieved through FBR-100AN without exposing them to other networks.




Monitor CNC machines to improve productivity and maintenance

Monitor Fanuc or other vendors' CNC devices to monitor operation data including NC programs and PMC data through FBR-100AN.

Reinstall legacy manufacturing equipment with Signal Towers into smart factory by joint solution with PATLITE's AirGRID®. 




MTConnect Protocol Data Transmission over Network

Obtain CNC equipment data in MTConnect format over wireless/wired network. FBR-100AN integrates MTConnect adapter and agent to transform non-MTConnect CNC machines to MTConnect capable machines. The adapter and the agent can be operate independently to enhance FBR-100AN's interoperability with various MTConnect equipment.




Hardware Design for Factory Use




Ethernet to Wi-Fi Bridge mode

FBR-100 converts the wired LAN interface of CNC devices to the Wi-Fi interface, so that the user can access CNC devices and change programs via the wireles



Equipped with OPC UA server function and compatible with Umati information model

Product Name FBR-100AN
Wired LAN RJ-45:×2 (MAC Addresses x2)
10Base-T / 100Base-TX / 1000Base-T (auto recognition)
Wireless LAN IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n 2Tx2R
(2.4/5 GHz on supports STA, AP function not supported)
Interface  D-Sub9 male: x1 (RS-232C / 422A / 485) 
Digital input: 3bit 
Switch PUSH switch: × 1 
DIP switch: 4bit
LED Body: × 4 (2 color LED) 
RJ-45: × 2 (2 color LED)
Operating Environment Temperature:-20~+50℃
Humidity:20~90%RH(No Condensation)
Storage Environment Temperature:-20~+55℃
Humidity:20~90%RH(No Condensation)
Power Supply AC adapter or DC12-24V
Max. Power Consumption



External Dimension 230 * 105 * 36mm (without antenna)
Weight 450g
Included Items Body, standard pole antenna, setup guide, simple declaration of conformity, GPL information sheet
Certifications [EMC]
VCCI Class-A
FCC Part15 Subpart B Class-A
ICES-003 Issue 6 Class-A
EN55032 Class-A, EN301489-17
Warranty 5 years
MSRP $ 599
Dust / Waterproof IP53 compliant 
Vibration Resistant Sine wave 1.0G (XY direction) 10 to 500Hz
Anti-static (Noise) Anti-static: Contact discharge ± 4kV Air discharge ± 8kV 
Noise: Power supply line ± 2kV Signal line ± 1kV
Corrosion Resistant 40 ± 2 ℃ / 80 ± 5% RH / 15ppm (H2S hydrogen sulfide gas) / 96H
Security Open / Shared (WEP) 
IEEE 802.1X authentication (EAP-TLS / TTLS / FAST, PEAP / LEAP Wireless LAN only)
Software Support

MTConnect Ver. 1.3.1 and later client software

- FANUC MT-LINKi ver. 3.6 and later

Hardware Support Refer to FBR-100AN Supported CNC Equipment





Setup Guide
Name File Download Date
FBR-100AN Setup Guide fbr-100an_setupguide_eng_xc.pdf 07/26/2020
User Manual
Name File Download Date
FBR-100AN User Manual fbr-100an_manual_eng_xg.pdf 07/26/2020
Name File Download Date
FBR-100AN Supported CNC Equipment FBR-100AN Supported CNC Equipment 11/19/2021
FBR-100AN Patlite AirGRID setup FBR-100AN Patlite AirGRID setup 09/28/2020
FBR-100AN OPC UA CNC List FBR-100AN OPCUA CNC List 11/19/2021
FBR-100AN ModbusTCP CNC List FBR-100AN ModbusTCP CNC List 09/01/2021


Application Software

Name Version Description
MTConnect Sample Client 1.0.0 Application for receiving and saving CNC data acquired by FBR-100AN on a PC.

Download the MTConnect Sample Client file. Unzip the downloaded file to any folder.

Execute the software Execute
Run “SampleClient.exe” in the “MTConnect Sample Client” folder. 
Please refer to “Readme.txt” in the same folder for usage.

Note: This application is a free sample program to check the operation of FBR-100AN. There is no support or warranty offered for this application.


Name Version Description
PointFile Creation Tool 1.0.3 Application to generate a point file for data collection from CNC machines. Generated file is to be imported to FBR-100AN
OPCUA Collection Information Tool 1.0.1 Tool for FBR-100AN to define and transfer the CNC machine data as OPC US/umati information.


Download the PointFile creation tool file. Unzip the downloaded file to any folder.

Instruction Manual
Please refer to “InstructionManual” in the unzipped  folder for usage.

Management Software

AMC Manager for configuration and management 

FBR-100AN Version 1.4.1
Release Notes

Warranty and RMA's

Limited Warranty and RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) Policy

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