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How 802.11ah (Wi-Fi HaLow) is Revolutionizing IoT Connectivity

As smart devices continue to evolve, so does the need to connect more devices and at greater distances. The newly introduced 802.11ah Wi-Fi standard solves several of the issues limiting today’s IoT devices and brings the goodness of Wi-Fi beyond four walls.

Watch this webinar to hear Silex Technology and Newracom technical experts discussed the benefits of 802.11ah technology, including:

  • What 802.11ah brings to the table?
  • How it compares with other Low-Power Wide-Area Networking (LPWAN) technologies?
  • What makes it compelling?
  • Target use case and applications
  • The industry's first 802.11ah commercially available Wi-Fi module

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Andrew C. Ross
Director of Product Management
Silex Technology America

Frank Lin
Vice President of Marketing & Sales

Zac Freeman
Vice President of Sales
Silex Technology America