Medical Device Connectivity

Reliable, Secure Wireless Connectivity Solutions for Mission-Critical Applications 

Connectivity Solutions for

Device Manufacturers

The medical market increasingly demands portable, connected solutions. Our low-power, high-performance embedded wireless products provide secure, ultra-reliable wireless connectivity to medical devices. We have solutions for multiple host interfaces, including SDIO, PCIe, and SPI/UART radio modules, as well as intelligent modules.  

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Robust Connectivity

Our wireless connectivity solutions are proven to meet the always-on demands of medical devices. When the device you are creating absolutely must connect every time, all the time, manufacturers turn to Silex Technology.


Unrivaled Quality

We manufacture our embedded wireless modules to the highest quality standards that optimize performance and meet regulatory guidelines, resulting in high-quality hardware that performs flawlessly for the life of your medical device.



Dedicated Support

Our comprehensive support helps you get to market faster. We are available with local engineering resources at every step in the design and development process, from pre-sales consultation to integration to successful launch. 


Cybersecurity: Protect Your Medical Networks

This paper takes an in-depth look at cybersecurity vulnerabilities in medical environments, the consequences of security breaches, and Silex Technology's long history of providing secure wireless infrastructure in enterprise environments that addresses cyber threats medical facilities are facing today.

Connectivity Solutions for

Medical Facilities

With Silex device networking and wireless infrastructure products, you can securely connect any device to the hospital network, whether it has a USB, Serial, Ethernet, HDMI or virtually any other interface. Building on decades of wireless expertise, these products provide the ease of a wireless connectivity with reliability that rivals wired connection at a price point that is often lower than implementing a wired solution.

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Security and Cyber Security 

To ensure our clients are protected from cyber attacks, we diligently monitor new threats and regulations, investigate and fix vulnerabilities, and constantly evolve our product design and testing to address emerging cyber threats.


Affordable Enterprise Solution

Unlike all-in-one networking products, our solutions are targeted and optimized to do one thing: connect medical devices to hospital networks. This means you’ll get the reliable, secure enterprise solution you need without paying for the features and functions you don’t.


Product Customization 

Silex offers customization from preloading interface defaults to simplify integration to private labeling to match your full solution to fully building to your specifications. Learn more about our customization services.


A Secure, Reliable Wi-Fi Connectivity Solution 

This case study explores the top three challenges a leading healthcare facility faced as they were adding hundreds of networking, building control, and medical devices to their networks across 750 medical facilities and how Silex Technology  addressed these challenges.