Medical Device Connectivity

Silex serves Reliable Wireless Connections to the medical industry for over a decade when Connectivity Matters Most

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Hospital Network

Securely Connect and Access your Medical Peripherals 

As the medical market increasingly demands portable, connected solutions, device manufacturers must add Wi-Fi to keep their products at the forefront of the market. Medical device connectivity has many unique requirements beyond what is demanded by the typical wireless customer.

Silex has products to connect any device or interface to the hospital network. Whether your medical device has a USB, Serial, Ethernet, HDMI or virtually any other interface we have a solution for you. 

Dedicated Support

Silex Technology is there every step of the way with our customers through initial engagements, successful launch, and deployment in the market. Building on this foundation, we move to the next product or next technology engagement with the customer.

Long Product Life Cycle

It is not unusual for parts and components to go EOL (End of Life) that can cause products to go EOL as well. We work with our suppliers and customers to ensure that we can meet the long life cycle demand in the medical sector.

Manufacturing and Quality

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing (Japanese Quality): We are a one-stop-shop with in-house manufacturing capabilities. With Silex Technology, you get a single vendor that provides hardware and software support from design through manufacturing.

Embedded Wireless Solutions

Low power, high performance Embedded - EM series modules are targeted for secure and reliable Wi-Fi connectivity to embedded devices by reducing the complexity of development for the medical equipment manufacturers. These Embedded wireless modules comes as plug and play devices by integrating all the necessary wireless hardware and software into a small form factor module which can be driven by a simple microcontroller (host). Solutions for Multiple Host Interfaces:
• SDIO Radio Modules
• PCIe Radio Modules
• SPI/UART Radio Modules
• Intelligent modules

Medical Thermography

Ethernet Bridge for Secure Data Transmission

Transform any Ethernet device into a wireless device for greater flexibility and mobility, with support for industry leading security including WPA and WPA2 with 802.1X authentication.

  • Easy and quick installation of thermography / security camera with remote control
  • Allows flexibility in the location of your wired medical devices while still maintaining the security of a wire
  • Fast roaming to support mobile/portable medical equipment
  • AMC Manager for remote device monitoring / configuration

Serial Device Server for Mobile Medical Station

As a leading wireless / wired network equipment manufacturer, especially in the healthcare industry, Silex Technology has been investing its resources to meet our customers' high-security needs. Connect and share RS-232 serial devices on wireless or wired Ethernet networks, with enterprise security support and multiple serial port modes for maximum flexibility in any environment.

  • Easy and quick installation to convert serial equipment to WLAN equipment
  • Build secure WLAN infrastructure with AP mode
  • Optimized design for serial to Wi-Fi bridge offering with FIPS certification option for VA hospitals
  • AMC Manager for remote device monitoring / configuration


Medical FIPS
Medical NetDA

NetDA for Wireless Imaging

Allow Audio / Video Transmission over secure Wi-Fi network with Silex network display adapters. 

  • NetDA allows you to untether your (Audio, Video and USB) device from your PC.
  • Wi-Fi A/V Receiver for a HDMI monitor along with Access Point to enhance Wi-Fi coverage in facilities
  • USB communication over Wi-Fi for sensor data (bulk transfer)
  • AMC Manager for remote device monitoring / configuration

Gain Access to all types of USB devices with the Silex USB Device Server

Medical equipment, devices, and virtually any other USB device to be shared over a secure network so that multiple users can access the same USB device. Silex's virtual link technology can simply add USB connectivity to virtual environment.

  • Allows the user to access non-network-ready USB devices in the network (USB over IP) and share USB over network
  • No location-based restrictions due to USB cable lengths, remote access to USB devices via virtual USB technology
  • Up to 16 USB devices with single USB server
Medical USB Server

Wireless Connectivity Solutions
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