Transportation and Logistics 

Reliable Wireless Connectivity Solutions to Keep Complicated Logistics Systems Linked

Simplifying Connectivity

Logistics are complicated. Keeping your systems connected doesn't have to be. 

Fueled by e-commerce giants such as Amazon, annual online sales today now total more than $5 trillion USD globally. As sales continue to climb and consumers demand faster delivery times, the logistics involved in quickly moving products from the warehouse shelf to the consumer’s doorstep are becoming more complex. As a result, the many organizations involved in these supply chains are investing in systems that reliably collect and distribute the large amounts of data required for efficient logistics coordination. This is where Silex Technology can help. Our reliable wireless connectivity solutions ensures data freely flows between the many distributed systems required to efficiently coordinate  logistics operations from the warehouse to your delivery fleet.



Improve Automated Warehouse Efficiency 

To efficiently and safely handle the large amounts of products constantly moving in and out of warehouses today, companies must incorporate high levels of automation into their facilities. But for technologies such as automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), distributed sensors, and logistics systems that communicate order information to be successful, all parts must remain reliably connected.

Silex Technology has a variety of connectivity solutions for both OEMs and warehouse facilities to ensure the reliable connectivity is achieved and safe and efficient warehouse operations are facilitated.

Fleet Management

Perform Sophisticated Fleet Management

To meet rapidly growing demands for delivering more products at a faster pace, logistics companies are actively investing in fleet management technology that optimizes transportation resource usage. This includes collecting a variety of data from many sensors and sending the data to a cloud-based server where, using a combination of the data and artificial intelligence, it is analyzed, and real-time feedback is sent back to fleet operations personnel. But this technology is not helpful if reliable wireless connectivity between these disparate devices is not possible.

Silex provides a variety of connectivity solutions, from wireless bridges to embedded wireless modules, that can be used to ensure reliable on-site vehicle management is possible by enabling connected functions such as visualization, data logging, and image monitoring.

Easily connect and share devices on a network. 

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