Why Silex

Proven Wireless expertise and Premium Support for Unrivaled Customer Success

Engineering Know-How

As Silex Technology, we know Wi-Fi connectivity quality can make or break a product. This is why we use our more than 40 years of hardware and software connectivity know-how and IP custom design development experience, and manufacturing capabilities to help you develop the most reliable Wi-Fi solution on the planet.

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Most commonly available wireless modules are based on recommended reference designs; we go beyond this limitation. With our profound understanding of Qualcomm Atheros radios and our RF design capabilities, we create wireless modules that conform to IEEE standards while maximizing peak performance levels within the legally allowed regulatory guidelines. This results in high-quality hardware with reliable connectivity and optimized performance.

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Silex Technology is one of less than 20 Qualcomm Authorized Design Centers (ADCs) in the world. As an ADC, we can offer our customers supply assurance for the latest Wi-Fi technologies and unmatched support due to our access to radio firmware source code and Qualcomm engineering staff. Our unique relationship will ensure you get to market quickly with your connected IoT solutions.

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