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A company is much more than just financial achievements. A company is its people, its customers, and its culture. At Silex Technology, we know each individual is critical to our business and has an opportunity to make a significant difference in our company and for the customers we serve. At the core – this is our highest purpose.

Our Workforce and Culture

We are a global workforce of Difference Makers, where local teams are positively impacting their peers, customers, and communities. We selectively invite individuals to join our organization who understand the importance of teamwork and share a passion for being customer minded. Once a part of Silex Technology, each employee immediately becomes a valued member of a thriving team and holds a role crucial to the success of the company that contributes to our three larger goals of:

  • Building technical and business expertise to become the customers’ source of truth
  • Fostering customer loyalty by being helpful, responsive, and supportive
  • Creating trust within the organization by being dependable, communicative, and efficient

In return, we will always treat our employees fairly, strive to create a fulfilling and fun work environment, and consistently celebrate our employees and their know-how and expertise.


Perks and Benefits for Silex Employees





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remote work




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medical dental vision




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