Global Regulatory Certification

Silex certification services help you lower costs, improve lead times, and reduce risk.

EMC Testing

Silex can help you navigate the complexities of regulatory compliance. We'll give you a step-by-step approach to getting certified.

Our 20+ years of experience as a Wi-Fi module provider will help you plan for compliance considerations, so there's no delay in product certification, and you can launch on time and on budget. 



Certification Testing Services

We know what it takes to meet the ETSI, FCC, and other wireless testing specifications for wireless radio manufacturers. In fact, many device manufacturers outsource their certification responsibilities to Silex because of our experience. Let us guide you through the certification process.

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Global Certifications

Silex Wi-Fi modules already come pre-certified and modular certified for North America, Europe, and Japan. If you need certification for additional countries and regions, we can guide you through it. 

Our long-term relationships with certification test labs and local reps, mean that we get priority support to achieve certification project execution on time and on budget. 

Download the white paper, Wi-Fi Certification: Simplifying the Complex & Ever-Changing Modular Approval Process on a Global Scale, to learn more about Silex certification services and how to use modular approval.

Regulatory Compliance

Keeping Up with Regulatory Compliance Changes

Once regulatory certification and country registration(s) are done, it's critical to stay on top of the regulatory changes to remain compliant. Silex Technology closely monitors the ever-changing certification requirements and proactively informs customers of upcoming changes and required renewals. We also publish updates regularly on the Silex Unwired blog to keep customers informed. 

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