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Factory Automation Equipment 

Connectivity is a key to maximizing productivity and machine utilization in todays's factories. Silex Technology provides solutions to network factory automation equipment and is an established market leader. Our proven success and our wireless expertise resulted in collaboration with Murata Machinery. In 2011, Murata Machinery acquired Silex Technology and established us as a wholly-owned subsidary to increase our focus in this growing vertical market.

Boost Factory Efficiency

Silex Technology understands the challenges of factory connectivity including noise, channel sharing and interference, and security concerns. We provide solutions to address these challenges that don’t require you to replace existing equipment or implement costly upgrades. We provide external device connectivity solutions that enable Wi-Fi connectivity to USB, serial or Ethernet devices.

We work with leading factory automation manufacturers to create these reliable networking solutions that enhance existing devices. Device manufacturers can seamlessly add wireless and network capabilities with Silex Technology’s external networking solutions, ultimately meeting customer requirements and getting products to market quickly.

Hardware, Software, and Support

Silex Technology USB device servers allow users to connect virtually any USB device to a wired or wireless network using USB over IP technology. Serial device servers provide the ability to also connect, monitor, share, access, and control any RS-232 or UART-compatible serial device on a wired or wireless network. And, Silex Technology Ethernet bridges allow any Ethernet-enabled device to join a secure wireless network.

Silex Technology software emulates a serial or USB device, eliminating the need for a device manufacturer to re-write any software applications. And our Ethernet bridges are software transparent so you don’t have to change and of the drivers or management utilities that you normally use. And our comprehensive support that spans initial installation through a two-year warranty period.

Custom OEM Solutions

Silex also creates custom features and solutions, creating a constant feedback and improvement loop that benefits all of our customers. Device manufacturers often use Silex Technology’s connectivity solutions to develop private-label external solutions or modules that can be integrated with an existing device.

Our technical team of wireless experts will support you in various factory automation applications, including computer numerical control (CNC), machine robots, forklifts and pallet trucks, and many others.

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