802.1x Enterprise Security in Silex Technology Products 

How to Secure Silex Wireless Devices 

Download this technical paper to learn security methods, encryption, and authentication protocols supported by Silex Technology wireless devices as a solution to security threats inherent in WLAN networks.

The need for wireless security in almost every industry is at an unprecedented high. Systems, data, and connections are subject to a wide array of vulnerabilities and attacks. These attacks extend across all markets and include any location where sensitive data is stored. Hospitals storing critical patient data, universities and schools storing student data, retail stores storing shopping and credit card data, even media conglomerates storing protected copyright material are all recognizing the need for more advanced security protocols.

As Wi-Fi continues to grow and is being used in a variety of applications, it is important that we use products that can secure the network.

This technical paper will help you:  

  • Understand the background of Wireless Security
  • 802.1x Overview and System Topology
  • EAP Protocol
  • Enterprise Security Features in Silex Products