Enable Ethernet Medical Devices with Secure, Robust Wi-Fi Capability

Secure and Robust Connectivity

Download this technical paper to learn how to easily enable Ethernet medical devices with secure, robust Wi-Fi capability.

This document explains how system administrators and users can use the Silex BR-500AC Ethernet to Wi-Fi Bridge with virtually any Ethernet enabled device to allow connection to the organization's existing wireless network.

The adapter can connect any device with an Ethernet port to your existing wireless network. It includes dual band 802.11ac Wi-Fi with Enterprise security including 802.1x. Used with a medical device, it allows flexibility to locate it in places where running cables is difficult, inconvenient or impossible (ie: on a mobile cart). 

This technical paper will help you:  

  • Learn how Silex can help you enable Ethernet Devices with Wi-Fi
  • Configuration and Management of the Solution
  • Enterprise Security and Other Features in the Silex BR-500AC Product