How to Implement Bluetooth on the NXP™ i.MX6 Sabre-SD EVK using the SX-SDMAN 

How to Bluetooth on the NXP™ i.MX6 

Download this application note to learn the steps required to bring up the the SX-SDCAN on the Sabre-SD EVK using the NXP™ BSP.

The NXP™ iMX6 Sabre-SD EVK SDK has the ability to support Bluetooth using the Silex SX-SDCAN device. The following application note covers how to implement the necessary changes to the OS and EVK board as well as installation of the Bluetooth stack using our AR6233 based SX-SDCAN wireless module with the i.MX6 platform.

It covers support for Linux Kernel version v3.0.35.

 This application note will help you:

    • Update the Sabre-SD Evaluation Board for BT
    • Install the SX-SDCAN
    • Create and Connect the Bluetooth Cable
    • Enable Bluetooth in the NXP BSP 
    • Configure the Bluetooth Interface