Setting up Concurrent Network Interfaces using the SX-SDCAN radio in Linux

How to Set up Concurrent Network Interfaces using the SX-SDCAN Radio

Download this application note to learn hwo to enable and demostrate "concurrent mode" on QCA6003 radio using our 802.11 radio evaluation kit, the SX-6K3-EVK-SD.

The SX-6K3-EVK-SD Silex evaluation kit is based upon the Silex Technology 802.11a/b/g/n Dual band WLAN radio and the Freescale™ Sabre-SD i.MX6 based evaluation board for smart devices. The Silex supplied demonstration image for the Sabre-SD board supports a number of WLAN functions and features to allow a comprehensive evaluation of the industry leading Silex SX-SDCAN radio.

This application note will outline how to enable and demonstrate a mode called concurrent mode, in which the radio will support two Linux network ports configured separately yet utilizing the same physical hardware.

This application note will help you:

  • How to configure the SX-SDCAN network interface in Linux to setup concurrent mode operation.
  • Set up Station Mode
  • Set up Access Point Mode
  • Understand limitations