Our Philosophy

We Are Difference Makers

Difference Makers

At Silex, we are a global workforce of Difference Makers. Each member of our team is crucial to our business and has an opportunity to make a significant impact on the customers we serve and in our local communities. We are making a difference through advancements in connectivity as well as our commitment to socially responsible business practices and community engagement. 

Our Policies

The following policies govern the actions within our offices throughout the world and are the principals by which Silex operates on a daily basis.

Environmental Policy

Silex shall recognize global environment conservation as our social responsibility. Silex shall comply with the law and other requirements and perform environmental conservation activities to achieve coexistence with the global environment.

  • Establish and implement an environmental management system, improving it continuously to prevent environmental pollution.
  • Abolish hazardous chemical substances and provide environmentally friendly products.
  • Strive to save energy, resources and reduce waste.

Quality Policy

The foundation of our business is to ensure the level of quality that our customer expects- Silex’s basic principle is to always be faithful to realize function, performance, quality and cost that we have committed to the customer and never betray the expectation of the customer (Zero Defect). All employees must understand this principle and at every process, properly play their role to ensure quality.

Silex is dedicated to establish an efficient work system (QMS) and understand/fulfill the company’s mission- We must improve and expand all employees’ role and responsibility in terms of both quantity and quality. Silex will commit to support each employee’s will to learn.

In case of a defect, Silex is committed to honestly confront and deal with the issue promptly-In case a defective product enters the market, never hide the fact and always think of the best possible solution that can be applied as quickly as possible. At the same time, investigate into the cause and be ready to provide a satisfactory explanation both internally and externally.

Common Course of Action

Our Common Course of Action consists of 5 key words whose initial letters make its name, de-FACTO.

FAIR: When making a judgment, listen to all ideas.

AGGRESSIVE: Develop a challenging goal.

COMMUNICATE: Share your activity and ideas with other Silex members.

TRUTHFUL: Be truthful in your communication.

OPEN: Keep an open mind to new ideas and change.

Shared Values

No Progression Means Retreating: Corporations will stagnate or deteriorate when they only reiterate the same thing. Thus, Silex will never be content with the present situation but will always choose evolution and development.

Respect the Intention to Grow: Growth of the individual employee is necessary for the continuous evolution and development of the corporation. Silex will respect the employee’s intention to grow and will fully support their eagerness and enthusiasm.

Create Value: Silex’s core competence is to provide high quality products and services to our customers. We will work with conviction that placing top priority on quality will result in shortening delivery time and reducing cost.

Professionalism: Every employee will be experts of their own job. We will aspire to become professional with world-class knowledge and skill.

Globalism: We will develop our business beyond national borders. We will think and develop our business globally.

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