EX-150AH-US (US model)

Wi-Fi device range extender by 802.11ah Wi-Fi HaLow 

The EX-150AH is the Wi-Fi range extender enabled by Wi-Fi HaLow. You can use the EX-150AH as your Wi-Fi access point and the data from your Wi-Fi device is sent farther through the Wi-Fi HaLow link. With the combination with the AP-150AH, you can easily create the wireless coverage for your Wi-Fi device. The EX-150AH has the USB Type-C as the power supply port so that it can be powered from other USB devices such as a laptop, Android tablet or a battery pack for example.

The Wi-Fi Range Extender by Wi-Fi HaLow

A benefit of 802.11ah is extended range, making it useful for rural communications and offloading cell phone tower traffic. The EX-150AH allows you to connect your Wi-Fi devices to the Wi-Fi HaLow network to extend the wireless communication range 10 times longer than 2.4G/5GHz Wi-Fi. The combination of AP-150AH and EX-150AH eliminates the complexity to extend the wireless infrastructure coverage for your Wi-Fi devices.

Extension of Wireless Coverage for Wi-Fi Devices

The EX-150AH bridges the data from Wi-Fi device to the Wi-Fi HaLow network under another Wi-Fi HaLow access point. The EX-150AH transfers the data from a farther place where Wi-Fi does not cover.



High Data Throughput

The EX-150AH-US offers up to 32.5Mbps bit rate for Wi-Fi HaLow interface to enable multiple 1080p encoded video streaming, as well as, the large data transfer for a shorter time.

Simple Extender Installation 

The EX-150AH features USB Type-C as the 5V power source so that it can be powered by a Wi-Fi client device with a USB port. The EX-150AH and the AP-150AH will cover the range where several Wi-Fi extenders are traditionally required.

Embedded Web Server

The EX-150AH has an inbuilt web server and a configuration page that can be used to configure the access point. 


Customization for OEM's

We offer customization services leveraging our proprietary technologies and know-how incorporated into EX-150AH. Please contact us for re-branding, feature enhancement, firmware customization, or hardware redesigning to meet your unique requirements.

Model Number

EX-150AH-US (US model)

Wi-Fi modules



Wireless LAN

802.11ah (1x1) external antenna

802.11ax (1x1) internal antenna

Operating frequency

Wi-Fi HaLow: 903Mhz – 927MHz

Wi-Fi 6:

 2.4GHz: ch1 – ch11

 5GHz (20MHz only):

   ch36, 40, 44, 48 (indoor)

   ch149, 153, 157, 161, 165 (outdoor)


Wi-Fi HaLow:

Open/Enhanced Open


Wi-Fi 6:

Open/Enhanced Open


WPA3/2 Transition mode 

Encryption: AES

Wi-Fi HaLow MCS

MCS10 (1MHz only)

MCS1 – MCS7 (1/2/4/8MHz)

Wi-Fi 6 MCS

MCS0 – MCS11 (up to 144Mbps)


RJ-45 x 1


Operating environment

Temperature: -20C to 40C

Humidity: 20% - 90% w/o condensation

Storage Environment

Temperature: -20C to 60C

Humidity: 20% - 90% w/o condensation


5V +/- 5% (USB Type-C)

12V/24V +/- 5% (DC)

Power consumption

5V: 6.25W

12V/24V: 9.6W


100mm x 100mm x 25.5mm (excluding antenna)


150g (including antenna)

EMC Standards

FCC Part15 Subpart B Class B

ICES-0003 Class B


5 years


Body, Antenna

- AC adapter and USB Type-C cable are not included.

Optional accessory

Wall-mount Bracket Type VI

EX-150AH Setup Guide 

EX-150AH Manual - Coming in June


Click on the Software Application to download the latest software file for your product.

AMC Manager


Version Release Date Note
1.00 Coming in July Initial release

Release Notes

-Initial release

Warranty and RMA's

Limited Warranty and RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) Policy

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The AP-150AH is to create the long-range and high-performance Wi-Fi HaLow local area network. Paring with the BR-100AH or EX-150AH, you can transfer the data from/to either legacy Ethernet devices or 2.4G/5GHz Wi-Fi devices over long-distance.





The SX-SDMAH features higher transmission power than other Wi-Fi HaLow modules enabled by MM6108 IC. It ensures the best performance in its data throughput over long distances, and also provides wide coverage of Wi-Fi HaLow radio signal.