With operation log saving function

BR-300AN is a wireless bridge device which can easily convert a 10/100/1000BASE-T wired LAN device to a wireless LAN device. It supports a wireless LAN communication in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands and enables a wired LAN device to join in a wireless LAN environment easily. It also supports enterprise security which allows you to use the Wireless Bridge BR-300AN reliably even in environments such as offices and healthcare sites which require security. This product is not available in North America.

Device mobilization is realized with wireless connection

The Wireless Bridge BR-300AN enhances the flexibility of devices in logistics, medical and industrial fields because it does not need to lay cables. It will also improve the efficiency of your work with a real-time data communication.

Can be used in "single-client-mode" and "multi-client-mode" with up to 16 devices in combination with a Hub/Switch. Both hardware and software are developed and manufactured by SILEX with AMC Manager support
  • Device mobilization is realized
  • Operation log saving function
  • Advanced security function
  • Integrated device control software
Interface : RJ-45 × 1Port
LAN Standard:  10/100/1000BASE-T(auto-recognition)
WLAN Standard:  IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n 2Tx2R
Channels : 2.4GHz : 1~13ch, 5GHz : 36~64ch, 100~140ch
Antenna:  Built-in antenna - 2,4- and 5-GHz-Band
Push button: Operation mode switching, default setting and smart wireless
Storage Conditions temperature: -10 to 50* C, humidity- 20 to 90%RF
Operating Conditions temperature:  0 to 40Υ, humidity 20 to 80%RF
Maximum Power Consumption: 5.5W(DC5V 1.1A)
Dimensions: 100.0mm x 100.0mm x 25.5mm
Weights: 120g
Setting: Webbrowser (supports AMC Finder), AMC Manager


AMC Manager


BR-300AN Version 1.13.0
Release Note: Modified in order to support Winbond's flash memory. Fixed error in communication with AMC Manager®.

BR-300AN Version 1.14.0

Release Note: Supports new MAC address (1C:BC.EC) (Downgrading to versions prior to Ver. 1.14.0 is prohibited.

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