MNS-300EM Evaluation

802.11ac Embedded Wi-Fi Mesh with Enterprise Security

The Silex MNS-300EM-EVK makes it easy to evaluate the hardware/software of our MNS-300EM mesh module.

  • The EVK makes it easy to connect to the MNS-300EM for test and development
  • This board includes an RJ45 Ethernet connector, three 9-pin serial connectors, two USB connector, header connectors for all major I/O, power supply, antenna, cables, and software
  • Linux operating system with user programmability
  • Industry-leading enterprise security including WPA, WPA2, 802.1x authentication

To evaluate the MNS-300EM you will need the following. 


What you will need?



  • MNS-300EM-EVK - Evaluation Kit
  • Host PC - Windows 10 Machine

Note: If you just want to test a single module, you can purchase and evaluate with a single EVK. But if you want to evaluate a mesh network, please purchase some additional EVK or BR-400AN to setup a mesh network and reap its benefits. 

MNS-300EM Documentation

To get started with the radio evaluation of the MNS-300EM module, please download please download the below manuals. These manuals will provide guidance on how to bring up the EVK and configure it for basic connectivity functions.  

Document Description
MNS-300EM Setting Manual Details on available features and functions, and how to enable the listed functions. 
MNS-300EM Embedded Manual Product specifications and hardware integration and assembly guide for customers who are looking to embed the module in their end device. 

Note: Documentation will be available in November. For access to pre-release documentation request sales at

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