SX-NEWAH Evaluation

Industry’s First 802.11ah Wi-Fi Solution for IoT Devices

Powered by NRC7292 System-on-Chip from Newracom, SX-NEWAH is industry’s first IEEE 802.11ah Wi-Fi module that operates in the Sub 1GHz license-exempt band. It offers a much greater range upto 1.5 km over 2.4GHz and 5GHz technologies. The SX-NEWAH-EVK mounted with the SX-NEWAH module is designed to allow easy evaluation of the 802.11ah radio using the Raspberry Pi reference platform.

We also offer evaluation image that includes the Silex reference radio driver, supplicant and tools to test the following.

  • Basic Wireless Functionality
  • Wi-Fi Security
  • Data Throughput
  • Station & Access Point Mode
  • DHCP Server and Client

What you will need?

You will need to procure the following to begin evaluation.


  • SX-NEWAH-EVK-US: This evaluation kit contains everything you need to get up and running. The Kit includes:
    • SX-NEWAH-EVK (Module installed)
    • Antenna for the SX-NEWAH
    • AC Adaptor for the SX-NEWAH-EVK
    • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
    • AC adaptor for Raspberry Pi (5V/3A or higher)
    • Micro SD card (Pre-loaded with Evaluation Software)
  • PC (Windows 10 or higher is recommended)

Note: You will need at least TWO sets of evaluation kits to begin evaluation. One will act as the AP, while the other as the station. 

Software and Documentation:

To get started with the evaluation process of the SX-NEWAH with the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B board, please download the following and follow the step by step instructions in the user guide.