Evaluation kit for Ultra-Low-Power Hostless Wi-Fi IoT Module

The SX-ULPGN-EVK-AT is an evaluation kit for our ultra-low-power hostless Wi-Fi IoT module, the SX-ULPGN based on Qualcomm's QCA4010 chipset using the Silex UART AT Command Set.

QCA4010 based using UART AT

SX-ULPGN-EVK-AT is an ultra-low-power 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi IoT evaluation kit. It enables rapid development of cost-effective Wi-Fi connectivity for embedded devices. It features the SX-ULPGN module and access to the module’s bootstrap options, mode configuration, interface extension, peripheral access and power supply. SX-ULPGN-EVK-AT brings out the UART, SPI, I2C, I2S, PWM, ADC, JTAG, and GPIO interfaces of the module. SX-ULPGN-EVK-AT can also be used for module manufacturing test.

The SX-ULGPN-EVK Evaluation Kit provides mode configuration, interface extension, peripheral access and
power supply for for the SX-ULPGN module. Different boot and function modes of SX-ULPGN module are
configured on the SX-ULPGN-EVK-AT.
  • Access Point Mode & Station Mode
  • IEEE802.11 Power Save Mode
  • Suspend (Store Recall, Power Off)
  • Suspend (Sleep Wakeup, Host Deep Sleep)
  • TCP/IP & UDP Offload
  • HTTP Server Built-In for On-boarding
  • HTTP Client Supported
  • DHCP Client and DHCP Server
  • DNS Client and DNS Server
SX-ULPGN-EVK-AT ships with the following:
  • SX-ULPGN Evaluation Assembly
  • Silex Evaluation Firmware Image
  • USB-to-UART Cable Assembly for UART & Power
  • Quick Start Guide Insert