Wi-Fi Access Point with Display Connectivity

Offers Wi-Fi access point with the 802.1X enterprise security, USB virtual link technology and wireless display connectivity.

Be Secure and Interactive 

Silex's Wi-Fi access points features Wi-Fi enterprise-class security and robustness, which are built upon our 20+ years expertise in commercial wireless network industries.
Wireless display connectivity is added on top of the access point features.


Build Secure Wireless LAN

Protect privacy and confidential information from a cybersecurity attack. Silex wireless access points feature 802.1X enterprise security to build a secure wireless LAN. Secure your LAN with silex's Wi-Fi product incorporating our 20+ years of expertise in commercial industries.


Share your Screen Wirelessly

Silex's wireless access point features wireless display connectivity. A teacher or a meeting organizer can use a projector or touch screen board to share the PC's screen. It is also possible to monitor students' or participants' screens' thumbnails and choose to display their desktops.


Interact over Wireless LAN

Interact with connected people through wireless LAN. Silex's application for a classroom and a meeting room provides an interactive tool to annotate class/meeting notes on the screen. Share not only what/how you think, but also what/how other people think and Discuss!


Specialized for School Needs

SX Virtual Link Display for Education software is a specialized application for schools and available for SX-ND-4350WAN Plus. It offers teachers to interact with students through their windows tablets or PCs without a need for software utilizing cloud service. SX-ND-4350WAN Plus can assist IT administrators to build secure and local network utilizing multiple SSID and VLAN support. SX-ND-4350WAN Plus equips a USB interface. A USB HID (Human Interface Device) or mass storage device attached to the access points can be used wirelessly through Silex's Virtual Link application run on Windows OS. Utilizing the SX Virtual Link technology, documents can be loaded remotely and used wirelessly by a teacher. The technology enables distributing content to multiple rooms where silex's access points are installed even if a broadcasting system is not available in a facility.

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Join a Meeting from Different Rooms/Guest Network

Z-1, together with Windows PC running AMC meeting, reforms the meeting arrangement. Z-1's pair display mode connects two Z-1 units in different locations and displays attendees' screens in local and remote rooms.
When you have your guests, you would often like to offer guest Wi-Fi access while you stay connected to your enterprise network. Z-1 is capable of letting both you and guests join AMC meetings from two different Wi-Fi networks. While your experiences with Z-1 is maximized by Windows application, AirPlay and Google Cast are also supported for screen mirroring.

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Manage silex's products remotely and efficiently

AMC Manager® allows IT administrator in a school or an enterprise to manage silex's products remotely when an authentication credentials, such as pre-shared key and 802.1X certification, are updated, a firmware of silex's device is updated, a troubleshooting is required and so on. Learn more about AMC Manager®.

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