Silex's Offering ICT for Education

- Wi-Fi AP with Interactive Display Connectivity

Interactive ICT tool in classrooms

Silex's SX-ND-4350WAN Plus is the Wi-Fi access point with wireless display connectivity to establish a wireless LAN in a classroom. It connects devices running Windows, Android, and Chrome OS over Wi-Fi using the SX Virtual Link Display for Education Software with interactive boards, touch displays, monitors, or projectors.

Display computers' screens wirelessly


A teacher can project the class content on a display device wirelessly. It is also possible for the teacher to select students' screens to project on the display device. The quick response of the screen switch makes the class more productive.

Keep an eye on students' progress


A teacher can keep an eye on students' computers' screens at hand. Any student should not be expected to fall behind the class. The teacher can find students needing some assists on time and take appropriate action.

Display multiple students' screens


A teacher can project multiple students' screens to a display device. The teacher may find that students are taking different ways to solve the same problem. Compare them to build up multi-perspective thinking.

Annotate screens with a pen tool and save


Let students raise their hands and show what they do! Project a student's screen and add a teacher's note/sign.

Interact with smart board wirelessly


Touch input events transfer over WiFi to the display/interactive board as well as any touch events from the display/interactive board transfer to the computer/laptop/tablet screens

Let students pay their attention to a teacher


Lock students' computers when they need to pay attention to a teacher. Pre-configured messages can be broadcasted to connected students' computers as necessary.

Secure Wi-Fi Access Point / Station

SX-ND-4350WAN Plus provides a variety of wireless connectivity models to fit into existing IT infrastructure or enhance IT network more securely.

  • Wi-Fi Local Area Network in a classroom - While cloud-based software provides an interactive interface in a classroom, a teacher may need to take extra caution to watch what students do when their computers are connected to the internet. Silex's SX-ND-4350WAN Plus provides interactive tools to a closed local area network so that a teacher does not need to worry about students accessing the internet. Besides, radio transmission from each classroom can be adjusted to avoid radio interference.
  • Build multiple Wi-Fi network domains - Utilizing multiple SSIDs and VLAN IDs, one SX-ND-4350WAN Plus can be used to build a classroom LAN, a Wi-Fi network for school staff, and a guest Wi-Fi network. The classroom LAN can be completely isolated from other networks by combining a VLAN hub. 4 SSIDs and VLAN IDs support allows flexible and secure Wi-Fi network installation.
  • Add to existing Wi-Fi network - Add SX-ND-4350WAN Plus to the existing Wi-Fi network as a station when the wireless network has already been installed. Even when the school IT network requires 802.1X authentication for any devices to join the network, the SX-ND-4350WAN Plus can be added as it supports 802.1X authentication. The SX-ND-4350WAN Plus can also be added to a wired LAN network if a classroom has enough Ethernet cable/port resources.