Wireless Infrastructure

Offers a vast variety of uses for both business and home users by connecting with clients

11ah AP-100AH BR-100AH

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Industry First 802.11ah Access Point providing long-range radio coverage.

AP-100AH is the first commercially available access point supporting IEEE’s 802.11ah wireless standard which is a long-range technology where a single access point can give you range up to 3 kilometers supporting up to 234 clients. The AP-100AH is all that you need to incorporate 802.11ah into your existing or new infrastructure.

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Need Customization?

Silex offers customization service to meet your unique requirements. Our wide technology coverage will be able to cover your requirements. 

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Fast DFS


Utilizing DFS channel is one of ways to avoid radio congestion. However, the DFS channel requires the availability check. It may need to switch to a different channel as a result. Silex has expertise to minimize the downtime.

Concurrent Radio in

Different Band

Silex has a variety of wireless modules to support sub-GHz, 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Silex will be able to create an access point depending on your Wi-Fi network requirement.



When you simply likes silex's products, but wants to re-brand it, silex will support you. Even if you would like to change the enclosure, we will support to retest of your product for the certification and manufacture it for you.

Wireless LAN Network Analyzers

Collect radio wave characteristic data for WLAN and non-WLAN transmissions and translate them into an easy-to-understand web dashboard for network monitoring, operating, and troubleshooting.


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