Virtual Environment

Connect USB devices to virtual machines through the network

USB Device Connection to Virtual Machines

While virtual machines (VMs) have been widely deployed, and the market is growing, USB device connectivity in a virtual environment is still challenging. The availability of a USB driver depends on the VMs' platform and version. The compatibility with a certain type of USB device is often limited. Even when a USB device becomes available, it can be bonded to a physical server, hence no longer a fully virtualized environment. Silex's USB device server builds virtual USB device connectivity in a virtual environment.



Virtualized USB Connectivity

When you want flexible USB device placement in a virtual environment, you will want to use USB Device Servers. Silex’s USB Virtual Link Technology® allows any windows clients to connect to any device. It will enable limitless flexibility when you want to place your USB devices on the network within a facility. Unlike direct USB connection, share USB devices such as printers, scanners, USB mass storage devices, license keys, HSMs (Hardware Security Module), webcam, and security cameras over a network in a virtual environment.
Silex offers USB devices for a wired LAN network and a wireless LAN network. We also provide USB devices with enterprise security features such as 802.1X authentication.

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Silex Technology designs and manufactures your product utilizing Silex USB Virtual Link Technology. Whether you develop USB devices aiming for a virtual environment or offer a virtual environment integration service, silex will help your customers make USB device connectivity easier.
We offer a varying level of customization to address your needs. Silex's experienced support team will support you from the beginning of your product journey to the end. Consult with us about identifying your needs, planning, execution, and production support to the product end of life.

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Technology License

Silex USB Virtual Link Technology licensing enables customers to develop application software for Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux as well as embedded products providing USB connectivity on a network. Silex provides SDK (Software Development Kit) for:

Client application software

  • Windows
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Linux

USB device server function for embedded devices

  • Standard Features
  • NAS (Network Attached Storage) for USB mass storage device
  • Print server

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