Collaborative Wireless Presentation

- Connect and Share through Wi-Fi Network

Collaborative Wireless Presentation

Silex's Z-1 is the wireless presentation system with an enterprise Wi-Fi access point that establishes a wireless LAN in a school/office. It provides various screen sharing modes to Windows computers through AMC Meeting®. AirPlay® and Google Cast® are also supported to project your screen. Silex's solution connects multiple users wirelessly, seamlessly switches the presenter, distributes your screens to multiple displays, and pairs your screen with the others from a different location.

Display computers' screens wirelessly


Untether the presenter's computer from a display device. A guest often struggles to find an A/V adapter, which sometimes ends up with no resolution. Or, a display keeps blinking during a meeting due to a cable issue. Connect everyone over a network and present your screen.

Facilitate a meeting with a tool in integrated WEB server


No application installation is required to facilitate a meeting and mirror screens. Applications for your meeting are available on a WEB server in Z-1. A meeting moderator can check thumbnails of attendees' screens and choose a screen to be displayed.

Display multiple attendees' screens


AMC Meeting® application on Windows OS allows up to 4 screens to be displayed simultaneously. When a moderator facilitates a meeting, she/he can select screens. Otherwise, screens are displayed as attendees join through AMC Meeting®. 

Distribute your screen in a large conference room


Silex's wireless presentation system distributes the presenter's screen across a large conference room through a Wi-Fi network. Z-1 simplifies multi-display installation by eliminating the need for A/V and network cables.

Pair screens from a different location


Whether you join a meeting from a different meeting room or even another office, you can pair two Z-1 units in the same network and share screens from two other locations. The multi-site meeting will be more productive than ever.

Share a screen from Android, iOS, and macOS devices


An attendee can present the screen on Android, iOS, or macOS by either Google Cast or AirPlay. Unlike a direct wired A/V connection, you bring your device to a meeting and share your screen without application installation.

Secure Wi-Fi Access Point / Station

Z-1 provides various wireless connectivity models to fit into existing IT infrastructure or enhance IT network more securely.

  • Integrate Z-1 as it fits into your environment - Z-1 provides flexible network connectivity as a Wi-Fi access point, Wi-Fi station, or Ethernet device. Z-1 as a network device can establish wireless LAN in a facility. Installing many access points increases radio interference risk. In such a case, configure Z-1 as a Wi-Fi station to connect with an existing access point. If wired LAN is available in a meeting room, connect Z-1 with the cable and find Z-1 from your corporate network. If you newly build a network, consider Z-1 for your wireless network.
  • Build multiple Wi-Fi network domains - One Z-1 can be used to build a corporate Wi-Fi network and a guest Wi-Fi network with its multiple SSIDs and VLAN IDs. 4 SSIDs and VLAN IDs support allows flexible and secure Wi-Fi network installation.


  • Add to existing Wi-Fi network - Add Z-1 to the existing Wi-Fi network as a station when the wireless network has already been installed. Even when the corporate IT network requires 802.1X authentication for any devices to join the network, the Z-1 can be added as it supports 802.1X authentication. The Z-1 can also be added to a wired LAN network if a LAN cable is available in a meeting room.


Wireless presentation system with high-performance 802.11ac 3x3 dual-band access point function. The product is compatible with silex's AMC Meeting, AirPlay® and Google Cast®

Z-1 Introduction