Wireless Presentation in Large Room

- Distribute your screen to multiple displays

How do you show your screen equivalently to audiences in Large Space?


Go Wireless


Z-1 for Large Conference

  • No physical wire connection between a computer and a display/projector
  • No signal integrity problem due to a long cable
  • Flexible conference room layout for displays by eliminating pre-installed the video cables
  • No pre-installation of the displays. Plug-and-play installation as per your need
  • Guest Wi-Fi offering by the integrated commercial-grade access point


* Distribution mode is available for Windows only

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Wireless Presentation

Z-1 for Enterprise Meeting 


How does the installation look like?

  • Z-1 as Wi-Fi access point - Build a Wi-Fi network utilizing a built-in 802.11ac 3x3 access point with Z-1. The same access point is a single point of access for the wireless display.
    • 3x3 802.11ac MIMO offering 1.2Gbps data bandwidth at 5GHz
    • Adjustable radio transmitter power to avoid radio interference among classrooms
    • Communication with Radius server for 802.1X authentication of the connected clients
    • MAC address filtering to prevent access from unknown client
    • Hidden SSID
    • Multiple SSIDs and VLAN tags to build a proper Wi-Fi network
  • Connect Z-1s as Wi-Fi client devices with the Z-1 access point
    • 3x3 802.11ac MIMO as Wi-Fi station to utilize full data bandwidth of Z-1 access point
    • No need to connect Z-1 to the wired network
  • Configure Z-1s to Distribution mode - Master Z-1 distributes the screen image to other Z-1s
    • Z-1 access point: Master device in the distribution mode
    • Z-1 clients: Slave devices in the distribution mode

Network cable is required for the Z-1 access point only if you'd like to offer internet access through the Z-1 access point. Otherwise, no network cable is needed to install the multiple displays for your wireless presentation as the Z-1 access point equips with a DHCP server to build a wireless local area network.

  • Guest Wi-Fi access - Utilizing multiple SSIDs and VLAN IDs, Z-1 can build a guest Wi-Fi network isolated from a corporate/enterprise network. 4 SSIDs and VLAN IDs support allows flexible and secure Wi-Fi network installation.


Wireless presentation system with high-performance 802.11ac 3x3 dual-band access point function. The product is compatible with silex's AMC Meeting, AirPlay® and Google Cast®

Z-1 Introduction