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- Easy Wireless Presentation through Secure Wi-Fi

Z-1 for Classrooms

Wireless Screen Projection


A teacher can project its screen on a display device wirelessly through Z-1. Combining with your classroom management software, a teacher can project a student's screen wirelessly through its computer. Or, you can ask your student to cast the screen wirelessly.

Compatible with Multi OSs


Z-1 fits with your BYOD concept as it requires no accessory and application.
AMC Meeting runtime program for Windows.
AirPlay for Apple devices
Cast from Android/Chromebook.

Furthermore with Windows

Classroom Orchestration


AMC Meeting Plus lets students sign up for the session, and a teacher project any student's screen wirelessly. The runtime applications are available on a WEB server in Z-1.

Screen Sharing


Multiple users can project their screens wirelessly from their Windows computers. Share students' thinking process and inspire them. Students will learn to address a problem from different angles.

Multi-Display Mirroring


Distribute your screen to multiple displays in the classroom wirelessly. All students have equivalent visibility to a teacher's content through the closest display. 

Secure Wi-Fi Access Point / Station

Z-1 provides a variety of wireless connectivity models to fit into existing IT infrastructure or enhance IT network more securely.

  • Z-1 for Wi-Fi Local Area Network in a classroom - It is essential to build reliable and secure Wi-Fi infrastructure to utilize cloud-based classroom management software that provides an interactive class.z-1-in-classroom
    • Z-1 as a Wi-Fi access point
      • 3x3 802.11ac MIMO offering 1.2Gbps data bandwidth at 5GHz
      • Adjustable radio transmitter power to avoid radio interference among classrooms
      • Communication with Radius server for 802.1X authentication of the connected clients
      • MAC address filtering to prevent access from unknown client
      • Hidden SSID
      • Multiple SSIDs and VLAN tags to build a proper Wi-Fi network
    • Z-1 as a Wi-Fi station device
      • 3x3 802.11ac MIMO offering 1.2Gbps data bandwidth at 5GHz
      • Adjustable radio transmitter power to avoid radio interference among classrooms
      • 802.1x authentication to join a secure school network
    • Z-1 as a wired device
      • 1000BASE-T wired LAN interface to join a school network


  • Build multiple Wi-Fi network domains - Utilizing multiple SSIDs and VLAN IDs, one Z-1 can build a classroom LAN, a Wi-Fi network for school staff, and a guest Wi-Fi network. The classroom LAN can be completely isolated from other networks by combining a VLAN hub. 4 SSIDs and VLAN IDs support allows flexible and secure Wi-Fi network installation.


Wireless presentation system with high-performance 802.11ac 3x3 dual-band access point function. The product is compatible with silex's AMC Meeting, AirPlay®, and Google Cast®