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SX-SDMAC For Your 11ac

The new SX-SDMAC Wi-Fi® SDIO module is a low-power, single-stream solution with 802.11a/b/g/n/ac support based on the QCA9377 System-on-Chip from Qualcomm Atheros. This module supports Wave 2 MU-MIMO (Client) which increases the overall WLAN system performance by 3X compared to 11n. The module’s small form factor, rich features, and low power make it perfect for portable devices. Bluetooth support saves cost and reduces size in the final application device. It also allows the SX-SDMAC to easily pair with many peripherals such as headsets, speakers, smartphones, tablets, PCs, printers, scanners, etc. Bluetooth is also sometimes a useful mechanism to connect to devices to exchange WLAN credentials, a process also known as on-boarding. The SX-SDMAC is modular certified for North America, Canada, Europe, and Japan. This greatly benefits our customers who can leverage our certifications and ship products worldwide. We offer additional certification services for regions not covered.



The SX-SDMAC is Silex's 5th Generation SDIO Module based on Qualcomm Atheros Wi-Fi Technology. Our deep technical know-how of Qualcomm technology and access to firmware source code allows us to optimize the design and improve its reliability for that Absolutely Must Connect experience. The SX-SDMAC is designed to support industrial temperature range from -40°C to +85°C making it an ideal solution for applications in harsh, industrial environments. The SX-SDMAC undergoes a comprehensive reliability stress test suite across 13 different aspects. These include DC voltage stress tests, temperature-humidity-cycle stress testing, hot and cold temperature functional and resistance stress testing, drop stress testing, shock stress test, and vibration stress tests. Silex has optimized the host drivers to include many enhancements such as enterprise security, roaming, and optional CCXsupport. The latest driver update also includes multiple bug fixes to provide a better customer experience.


Silex Technology Wi-Fi® modules provide embedded wireless connectivity for IoT devices, such as smart home devices, connected machines, and others. Backed by 40+ years of OEM integration experience, Silex Technology has the expertise and proven technology to power your IoT application. Silex Technology provides hardware and software support from design through deployment. Our local engineering experts can help you every step of the way – from evaluation to implementation through mass production – to ensure you get to market quickly with your connected solutions for the IoT. Silex Technology uses Qualcomm Atheros Wi-Fi silicon to create easy-to-implement solutions for the IoT. As a Qualcomm ADC, Silex Technology has direct access to their design information and support.

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Silex Technology’s Wi-Fi® evaluation and development module in SDIO card form factor, the SX-SDCAC, helps engineers easily evaluate all of the SX-SDMAC hardware and software features and develop high reliability mission-critical applications using the latest 802.11ac + BT 5.x technology.


SX-SDMAC: Low-Power Wave 2 MU-MIMO 802.11ac + BT 5.x Certified Wi-Fi SDIO Module.

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