Building Automation over Secure Wi-Fi

Install building automation system wirelessly leveraging silex's industry proven enterprise  Wi-Fi Bridge

Low Power Enterprise Wi-Fi Bridge

Silex's low power enterprise Wi-Fi bridge connects a HVAC controller, a VAV controller or any other building automation controller to secure enterprise Wi-Fi infrastructure with a minimum cabling installation.

Robust Wireless Connection

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Proven Silex's robust Wi-Fi connectivity in highly quality-sensitive market segments such as healthcare and industrial IoT ensure the reliable building automation.

WPAx-Enterprise Security

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Silex's Ethernet to Wi-Fi bridge is widely used in the Wi-Fi network that requires the enterprise security. Connect your controllers to your network wirelessly and securely.

Low Power

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Silex's enterprise Wi-Fi bridge offers the lowest power consumption in the market. It can be  powered up by USB bus power eliminating the additional power supply source.

Wi-Fi HaLow Low Power IoT Connectivity

Silex offers Wi-Fi HaLow Low Power Access Point and Wi-Fi bridge for IoT connectivity suitable for your building automation.

Sub-GHz Radio Band


sub-GHz Wi-Fi does not interfere with legacy Wi-Fi in 2.4GHz and 5GHz as well as 6GHz band for Wi-Fi6, which allows users to offload IoT network from legacy Wi-Fi infrastructure. It also provides wider range and better coverage.

WPA3 Security


Wi-Fi HaLow utilizes the same Wi-Fi security known as WPA, which has been proved in the Wi-Fi infrastructure. Unlike other IoT protocols, HaLow installation inherits the security policy used for the existing Wi-Fi infrastructure.

Seamless IP Integration


As same as legacy Wi-Fi products, Wi-Fi HaLow network operates in the IP network. All you need is Wi-Fi HaLow access points and client devices to deploy the Wi-Fi HaLow infrastructure and IoT devices.

Ideal Solution for IT-OT Convergence with 802.1X Enterprise Authentication

Silex's Ethernet to Wi-Fi bridge seamlessly transfers data from Ethernet to Wi-Fi network when it operates in the single client mode. BACnet over IP and Modbus TCP data can be now over Wi-Fi. Silex's bridge is equipped with 802.1X Wi-Fi authentication by a Radius server. Therefore, you can integrate building automation system into the enterprise Wi-Fi network through silex's bridge.


Relief from Complex Cabling

Silex's enterprise Wi-Fi bridge makes your controller installation much more affordable and much easier than ever.

Retrofitting legacy building with new building automation system often faces to technical and financial challenges due to cabling. However, you will barely find HVAC, VAV or other building automation system equipped with a wireless connectivity. Silex is with you to bridge between your Ethernet controller and your Wi-Fi IP network.

Ethernet cables

Simple Connection with your Controller

The connection between your controller and silex's Wi-Fi bridge is simple. Thanks to the low power consumption of the Wi-Fi bridge, there is a high chance to power the silex's Wi-Fi bridge with a USB port equipped with your field devices such as HVAC/VAV controllers1. In this case, you will not need to worry about the power cable installation for silex's bridge. And, the bridge eliminates the need for CAT cable installation for your controller.

*1: The BR-330AC-LP's transient peak current exceeds 500mA. Evaluate the bridge to validate the allowable current drawing profile of your USB port.