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Accelerate your development from proof-of-concept to production.

Embedded Edge Box

A production-ready embedded product that includes a Silex Wi-Fi module and SDK that has our specialized Wi-Fi driver for connectivity. Using our SDK for your application gives you a head start to begin mass production sooner.


Proof-of-Concept to Production

Silex's gateway and edge platforms come with an SDK (Software Development Kit) with a pre-installed "Absolutely Must Connect" Wi-Fi driver, peripheral interface drivers, and open-source applications.

Silex has enabled various applications with customers, IoT gateway for Bluetooth sensors, IoT gateway through VPN connection, integration of the cloud gateway agent, and more.

Silex's IoT gateway/edge platform is mass production ready, making the proof-of-concept phase quick and easy, so you can begin mass deployment as soon as your concept is proven.

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Why choose Silex?

Silex has proven OEM IoT application experience in medical, logistics, warehouses, and factories. We understand when customers have mission-critical applications that absolutely must connect.


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Product Customization for OEMs

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