Network System Solutions

Wi-Fi Access Points

Silex AP solutions support range extension by WDS or redundancy by Mesh that meet the unique needs of enterprises.

Commercial Wi-Fi Access Points

A wireless access point makes it possible for the base station to communicate with clients. Contact us to discuss your unique requirements. 

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Fast DFS

Using a DFS channel helps avoid radio congestion. Silex can help minimize downtime during the availability check or when switching to a different DFS channel.

Concurrent Radio Band

Silex has a variety of wireless modules to support sub-GHz, 2.4GHz and 5GHz, and can also create an access point depending on your Wi-Fi network requirement.


Silex adds its proprietary technology to enhance the capability of WDS (Wireless Distribution System) to improve user experiences. 


Silex can support the re-brand of our products with services to help re-test certification and manufacturing.


Wi-Fi Mesh Network

Using Silex's mesh devices, you can build a stable and robust wireless LAN infrastructure where there is commonly no network, such as healthcare sites, factories, or warehouses.


Application Specific Access Points

Silex access points enable robust Wi-Fi in your classroom or office environments with effortless screen sharing and interaction tools.

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Product Customization for OEMs

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