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Wireless Monitor

Wireless Monitor

Silex provides reliable devices and maintenance support for wireless radio environments. Our wireless monitoring device gives customers visibility into their radio environments. You can collect radio characteristic data for WLAN and non-WLAN transmissions and translate them into a simple web dashboard for network monitoring, operating, and troubleshooting.


Monitor Radio Interference

It can be challenging to identify the root cause of occasional wireless link problems. A newly installed radio device such as a zigbee gateway, a bluetooth gateway, or a Wi-Fi access point can introduce the issue unintentionally, as well as, a Wi-Fi link operating in a DFS channel can be affected by radar signals. You can avoid potential radio interference by monitoring the radio spectrum.


Capture Wireless Packets

Locating the root cause when a Wi-Fi device cannot join the WLAN network can be tough to find. Radio signal integrity, authentication failure, IP address acquisition problems, operating in the radio frequency that is not supported by devices, are all potential causes. Silex's wireless monitoring device can help simplify the process of wireless capture, which is the best way of knowing what's going on in the WLAN provisioning process. 


Monitor WLAN Load

The performance of WLAN communication depends on load balancing. When many Wi-Fi station devices are associated with a specific access point, the Wi-Fi communication with the stations that are associated with the busy access point will be severely affected. Silex's wireless monitor detects the congestion of the specific radio channel so that the WLAN infrastructure can be optimized based on the statistical WLAN load data.


Product Customization for OEMs

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