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Over the past decade, NVIDIA® has morphed from a graphics and gaming-centric company to being AI-centric by evolving a graphics architecture for accelerated computing. NVIDIA has emerged as the leader in deep learning training and inference for data centers and autonomous applications. As the company continues its expansion into edge networking, it has partnered with Silex technology to provide wireless technology.

Silex Technology is now an NVIDIA Preferred Partner and manufacturer of Wi-Fi solutions. Silex offers the in-depth connectivity knowledge and experience to round out the enablement and implementation of total NVIDIA system solutions by adding wireless connectivity to the IoT edge devices. To provide reliable connectivity to its customers, NVIDIA relies on Silex to provide a variety of turnkey Wi-Fi options for NVIDIA Jetson platform.

NVIDIA IoT Applications

Why CHOOSE Silex for your NVIDIA Jetson Platform

AI is spilling out of the cloud and into the edge, where the world's largest industries generate oceans of raw data. NVIDIA's Jetson platform enables the development of millions of new small, low-power AI systems on the edge. It opens up new worlds of AI enabled embedded IoT applications. 

Backed by 40+ years of OEM integration experience, Silex can help bring reliable and secure wireless connectivity to the Jetson platform. As a Qualcomm partner, Silex Technology has direct access to Qualcomm's design information and support. Silex Technology uses Qualcomm Wi-Fi silicon to create easy-to-implement solutions for the NVIDIA customer base. Silex Technology has partnered with technology companies, including Embedded Software Suppliers, Network Infrastructure Providers, and Industry associations, to enable us to offer the most comprehensive and complete solutions in the industry.

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Jetson Family of Modules

Widest Selection of Wi-Fi plus Bluetooth Radios for Jetson

We claim that we have the widest array of solutions available for you to chose from. We understand that every application is different and can have unique requirements that can dictate your choice. Whether it is throughput, speed, range, power consumption, a specific host interface, or even software features like fast roaming, we have a solution for you!

IEEE Wireless Standards

  • 14 Radio versions supported
  • 4 Interfaces
    • PCI-E
    • SDIO
    • USB
    • SPI
  • 3 Wi-Fi Technologies
    • Wi-Fi 5
    • Wi-Fi HaLow
    • Wi-Fi 6E*
  • 2 Driver Architectures
    • Ath10K (Open Source)
    • LEA 3.0 (Licensed)
      * Coming 2H2021

802.11ac Dual Band Wi-Fi plus Bluetooth Radios for Jetson Platforms

An option for every kind of interface available on your system

SX-PCEAC2 Radio Module

The SX-PCEAC2 is powered by Qualcomm Atheros radio chip, the QCA6174-5, which features 2x2 wave 2 MU-MIMO technology. It is a dual-band 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac module with Bluetooth support which is designed for devices that require wireless connectivity in a small form factor combined with high performance with throughputs reaching up to 867Mbps.

There are a few form factors available . The surface mount option, the M.2 LGA type 1216, offers the lowest footprint. Where as the M.2 card form factor is suitable who are looking to migrate from their legacy PCIe radios to an 802.11ac solution. The half mini card option also allows flexibility to customers to evaluate the radio using any platform that has a full PCIe slot.

                                                  SX-PCEAC2-SMT           SX-PCEAC2-HMC_1          SX-PCEAC2-M2_mid 


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SX-SDMAC Family of Modules

The Silex SX-SDMAC family of modules is a dual-band IEEE802.11a/b/g/n/ac WLAN plus Bluetooth 5.0 BR/EDR/BLE “Smart Ready” SDIO module based on the latest Qualcomm Atheros Technology. It integrates a QCA9377 SoC with MAC, Baseband, RF, RF front end, and peripheral circuitry. SX-SDMAC operates on a +3.3V main power supply and selectable +1.8V/+3.3V IO power supply.

Offered in multiple form factors with onboard antenna options and industrial temperature support - the SX-SDMAC family is designed for mission-critical applications including industrial automation, healthcare, medical, environmental,  monitoring and asset tracking. 

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SX-USBAC Radio Module

The Silex SX-USBAC is dual-band IEEE 802.11 ac WLAN USB module plus Bluetooth 5.0 BR/EDR/LE combo module. It is based on Qualcomm’s QCA9377-7 System-on-Chip. It supports 1x1 MU-MIMO technology and delivers reliable wireless PHY data rate up to 433Mbp. It’s the ideal choice for USB wireless embedded systems that demand robust link quality and maximum throughput at range. SX-USBAC comes in multiple form factors to fit various platforms and size requirements.

 It is an ideal solution for medical devices, security systems, 3D printer, video streaming, PoS, digital signs, gaming machine, medical equipment, industrial tablet PC’s, handheld devices, thin client devices, and many more.

                                                            SX-USBAC              SX-USBAC-TAC

                                    SX-USBAC-SMT                                                                        SX-USBAC-TAC


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SX-NEWAH Radio Module

Powered by NRC7292 System-on-Chip from Newracom, SX-NEWAH is industry’s first IEEE 802.11ah Wi-Fi module that operates in the Sub 1GHz license-exempt band. It provides a much greater range over 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi technologies and a much higher data rate than propriety Low-Power Wide-Area (LPWA) technologies such as LoRa and Sigfox. 

This unique solution enables streamlined data transfer interoperability with existing Wi-Fi networks while meeting up to 1 Km long range data transfer with low power consumption requirements. SX-NEWAH opens up unlimited possibilities for various remote monitoring applications such as industrial sensors, elderly monitoring, security surveillance, building automation and agricultural IoT.




IMPLEMENT Trusted Connectivity

Silex Technology provides support assistance during the integration process to help our customers get to market and troubleshoot post-sale field problems. Silex Technology can also offer an enhanced driver/supplicant for a single-vendor wireless solution. Our radio modules are of the highest quality and are ideal for Jetson Nano's mission-critical or media-rich applications. We have solutions for almost all of the interfaces available for the Jetson Nano (PCIe. USB, SDIO, SPI).
Wi-Fi security continues to be a concern as more devices add wireless connectivity. Silex Technology wireless solutions offer enterprise-level security support for the most common encryption and EAP authentication methods and have validated interoperability for the most common enterprise access points.

Get Started Today

NVIDIA's Jetson series enables small, low-power AI systems for embedded IoT apps. Customers using the NVIDIA platform can use Silex radio modules to add Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity at the edge. This is a production ready module that OEM's can easily integrate into their device to take their product to market. To get started you will need: 

Note: The platforms listed below are recommended for evaluation only. All our radio modules work with all variety of Jetson Modules once you are ready to go to production. Evaluation or development done on these platforms can seamlessly be carried over to your final product using any of the Jetson Modules. 

Radio Module / What you Need?





 Host Interface M.2 Card (M.2 1630 PCI Express Card)  SDIO 3.0


Platform NVIDIA's Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit NVIDIA's Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit

NVIDIA's Jetson Nano 2 GB Developer Kit
NVIDIA's Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit

NVIDIA's Jetson Nano 2 GB Developer Kit
NVIDIA's Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit

Evaluation Hardware Silex's SX-PCEAC2-M.2  Silex's SX-SDCAC Card Silex's SX-USBAC-TAC USB Type A SX-NEWAH Evaluation Kit
Evaluation Software ath10k (Open Source) Driver Silex GiT Server
Newracom Git Server
Instructions Application Note: Instructions for building an ath10k driver to be used on SX-SDMAC, SX-USBAC, or SX-PCEAC2 Application Note: Guide to evaluate SX-NEWAH


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