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USB Storage for Virtual Environments and Ethernet Networks

RDX® & DS-600

90 Years of Collective Know-How in One Product Bundle

The Silex Technology and Overland-Tandberg™ partnership unifies two of the most trusted and long-standing players in technology innovation. Together, we have created the most secure and flexible storage solution for off-site storage: The RDX® DS-600 Product Bundle. The RDX QuikStor is a removable storage system that offers a rugged, reliable and convenient storage for backup, archive, data interchange and disaster recovery. Bundling it with the Silex's USB device server, the DS-600, provides customers a fast, easy and cost efficient way to deploy these storage systems in their existing network.

Bundle RDX DS-600

The RDX® & DS-600 Bundle for Virtual Environments

Virtual environments are growing in the SMB market. The RDX & DS-600 bundle leverages Overland-Tandberg's most recent removable disk systems technology, combining powerful and flexible solutions for VMware and Hyper-V with Silex Technology's high-performance data throughput device server, the DS-600. As a connectivity solution, the DS-600 supports enterprise security and high speed iochronous USB transfer for streaming applications making it ideal for all virtual environments. 

Fast & Easy Integration

Easy Integration into Existing Networks

Network attached RDX QuikStor provides the benefit of both simplified network connectivity and removable disk storage. With the DS-600 the RDX storage device easily integrates into the existing ethernet environment and offers extended usability. The RDX drive can be placed on the desk of the IT operator. Now he does not need to walk to the data center to perform media and rotation operations.

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Easy VM Integration 

Allocating local attached removable storage to Hyper-V and VMware virtual machines is practically impossible. So users refrain from implementing this solution and many customers rely on network attached storage for backup. But now by using the DS-600 device server. in conjunction with the RDX USB drive, individual VMs are now able to access their own removable storage for individual storage tasks.

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Easy Failover with VMotion

VMotion enables the live migration of VMs from one physical server to the other. It is mandatory, that storage devices have to be continuously accessible regardless of the server hardware. This can be implemented by using network attached RDX QuikStor. The new server hardware accesses the RDX by using the same network address to ensure constant data availability.

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Very few companies can execute a value proposition of market comprehensiveness — let alone, do it with a brand portfolio that can truly serve the entire market well. SMBs and Enterprise businesses can only find a complete solution-set delivered from Overland-Tandberg™. Overland-Tandberg's proprietary platform RDX® provides industrial grade technology to the entire market -SoHo, SMB, SME and Enterprise. 

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