Quick Start Guide for Evaluation

SX-23BT-EVK Quick Start Guide

This document shows simple steps to build a development environment for IoT end-point devices and Bluetooth® advertising and bonding that are essential for the communications so that you can try out the EVK immediately. The EVK's development environment is same as that of RX23W microcontrollers since Renesas tools can be utilized in the development environment.

  • Overview
  • Features
  • SX-23BT-EVK Product Specifications
    • SX-23BT-EVK General Specifications
    • SX-23BT-EVK Key Component Structure
  • EVK Preparation
    • Contents of SX-23BT-EVK
    • What You Need to Procure
  • Before You Begin
    • Entire Environment
    • Hardware Preparation
    • Development Environment Preparation
    • Source Code Preparation
  • Build Procedure
    • Steps to Build Environment and Wireless Communication
    • Build Environment
    • Troubleshooting