SX-NEWAH FreeRTOS Evaluation Kit User's Guide

SX-NEWAH Evaluation Startup Guide

This document is a startup guide that describes how to run NRC7292 FreeRTOS driver on STM32F429 Nucleo-144 board and SX-NEWAH EVK.

  • SX-NEWAH-EVK-websiteItems needed for Evaluation
  • Hardware Configuration
  • Software Setup
    • SX-NEWAH EVK board setting
    • Connecting SX-NEWAH EVK to Nucleo-144
  • Getting Started with Software
    • Software installation
      Setup serial terminal
      Launch STM32CubeProg and flash firmware
      Quick Test
  • Commands
  • Build binary from source code and run
    • What you need?
    • Install software
    • Install source code
    • Setup STM32Cube IDE
    • Build and download project
    • Start DUT
    • Change build configuration