SX-ULPGN-BTZ Product Specifications 

SX-ULPGN-BTZ_whitebgThe product specification document provides detailed hardware specifications for the SX-ULPGN-BTZ, a highly integrated multi-radio host-less platform for IoT. The document includes:

  • Hardware System Block Diagram 
  • Board Specifications 
  • Hardware Specifications 
    • General Specifications
    • Environmental Specifications
    • Electrical Specifications
    • Throughput Specifications
    • Current Consumption Specifications
    • Wireless LAN General Specifications
    • Wireless LAN Transmitter Specifications
    • Wireless LAN Receiver Specifications
  • Signal Pin Specifications
  • Mechanical Specifications
  • Standards & Certifications
  • Packing Specifications
  • Recommended Reflow Profile