Renesas Recommended Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Connectivity for your Renesas RA Based Product

Why Silex?

Proven Wireless Expertise and Premium Support for Unrivaled Customer Success

Silex Technology is a Renesas Partner and  manufacturer of wireless connectivity technology. Backed by 40+ years of OEM integration experience, Silex Technology offers Wi-Fi connectivity solutions for RA-based products. As a Qualcomm Atheros Authorized Design Center, Silex Technology has direct access to Qualcomm Atheros design information and support. 

"Plug and Play” Solution

The upcoming Renesas FSP release (v0.9.0) will include Wi-Fi API’s for the Silex SX-ULPGN-2000 module.  That means that there is no driver development required to enable Wi-Fi connectivity.  Reduce your engineering investment and more importantly, reduce the time to bring a Renesas RA with Wi-Fi connectivity to market!

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"Always On" Unrivaled Reliability

Silex creates wireless modules that conform to IEEE standard while maximizing peak performance levels within the legally allowed regulatory guidelines.  This results in high-quality, optimized hardware with reliable connectivity.  In addition, Renesas has validated that SX-ULPGN-2000 functionality including certification with Amazon FreeRTOS.

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Support that Gets you to Market

Silex Technology is uniquely positioned to provide unrivaled support throughout design and deployment of your product for the following reasons:

  • Proven experience with enterprise applications that require reliable wireless connectivity.

  • Radio source code firmware access.  Without access to this IP, we would have to reply on Qualcomm to fix problems and make enhancements.

  • Long-term relationship and access to engineering support from Qualcomm.

  • Local engineering and FAE support team.

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Renesas Recommended Wi-Fi and BT Modules



Ultra-Low-Power Wi-Fi IoT Module 

The SX-ULGPN-EVK-RENESAS is an evaluation kit specifically designed for Renesas to enable evaluation of our ultra-low-power Wi-Fi IoT module, the SX-ULPGN based on Qualcomm's QCA4010 chipset using the Silex UART AT Command Set. The kit contains all the required jumpers and connectors for enabling PMOD connection required to connect the radio to the Renesas platforms.

The SX-ULPGN module is an excellent choice for device OEMs looking to design Wi-Fi connected products in a cost-effective way. This module is ideally suited for embedded wireless IoT products including medical devices, remote control, appliances, home & factory automation, energy management, residential lighting, security, sensors, wearables, etc.

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Highly Integrated Multi-Radio Host-less Platform for IoT

The SX-ULGPN-BTZ-EVK-RENESAS is an evaluation kit specifically designed for Renesas to enable evaluation for our dual band a/b/g/n Wi-Fi , Bluetooth low energy (BLE) , 802.15.4 combo module for the Internet-of-Things (IoT). It is a single stream 1x1 WLAN , BLE 5 + 802.15.4 based on Qualcomm's QCA4020 System-on-Chip (SoC). It enables seamless integration of three popular wireless connectivity technologies (802.11, Bluetooth and 802.15.4) used in the majority of todays IoT applications.

The SX-ULPGN-BTZ is developed to address the expanding demands of embedded IoT applications the device is suited for single chip gateways, energy management, lighting, industrial automation, white goods appliances, home security and many other applications requiring multi-radio functionality.

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Microcontroller Module Supporting Bluetooth® 5.0 Low Energy

Silex Technology has released a microcontroller module, SX-23BT which supports Bluetooth® 5.0 Low Energy using RX23W, a 32-bit RX microcontroller from Renesas Electronics Corporation. The SX-23BT includes all of the functions that a 32-bit microcontroller and Bluetooth® 5.0 Low Energy offers, such as long-range support, mesh networking capabilities, and a mounted chip antenna. It is a pre-certified module, enabling IoT device manufacturers to reduce the time and effort required to obtain international certification.

To enhance the efficiency of product development, the SX-23BT provides device manufacturers with the ability to utilize the development environment and software assets found in Renesas's RX23W, in addition to Renesas's abundant application development support tools. Furthermore, the IoT devices 0.7mm pitch LGA package can reduce total BOM and manufacturing costs by decreasing the number of printed circuit board layers to enable the use of existing manufacturing equipment.

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