Silex Ethernet to Wi-Fi Bridge Enables Konica Minolta Multifunction Printers with Connectivity to Enterprise Secure Wi-Fi Networks


The Challenge

Konica Minolta has customers that want to be able install their Multifunction printers into places where running cables is difficult, inconvenient, or impossible while maintaining a high level of security and compatibility with all the network features of their multifunction printers.

The Solution

Using Silex Technology’s SX-BR-4600WAN Ethernet to Wi-Fi bridge solution provides the security and reliability needed to be compatible and meet the needs of their customer’s enterprise wireless networks.


A Reliable, Secure MFP Needs Reliable, Secure Wi-Fi

Konica Minolta aims to offer the most reliable and secure solutions so that customers can control and manage access to sensitive data and mitigate vulnerability. They must make sure it complies with workflow and compliance challenges. When Konica Minolta wants to offer their multifunction printers into applications that require flexibility of placement with a secure wireless connection, they turn to Silex. They even offer MFPs that are specifically targeted for medical applications. The Silex Wi-Fi adapter adds medical grade Wi-Fi capability to help companies comply to HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).

The Silex SX-BR-4600WAN Ethernet to Wi-Fi Bridge, combined with any Ethernet enabled device allows connection to an organization's existing enterprise wireless network. Used with a Konica Minolta multifunction printer, it allows flexibility to locate the printer in places where running cables is difficult, inconvenient, or impossible. Users can save the cost of running cables each time they want to install or move their Konica Minolta printer, increasing the mobility and applications it can be integrated into.


The SX-BR-4600WAN includes all of the wireless connection, encryption, and authentication for connecting to wireless networks that require 802.1x security for WPA2 Enterprise enabled access points. This offloads the processor of the MFP, and because it is external, it makes it easy for Konica Minolta customers to keep up with the latest wireless connectivity and security standards. The partnership also allows Konica Minolta to offer the latest wireless connectivity without having to spend internal resources.
Users simply connect the SX-BR-4600WAN to the Konica Minolta device, and the SX-BR-4600WAN will bridge the network connection to a secure wireless network, supporting all of the same great network functionality. The SX-BR-4600WAN also offers AMC Manager, an integrated device management software for network administrators to easily configure, manage, and monitor the wireless bridge remotely.

  • Software transparent – no changes to drivers, management tools, or applications
    • SNMP (MIB/Meter reading), Consumables Monitoring, Network Alerts, Printing, Scanning, etc.
  • The SX-BR4600WAN includes power supply, internal antennas, and the Ethernet cable to connect to the Konica Minolta multifunction printer
  • Silex provides world class product quality and support, with a capable technician ready to support the installation saving you time and money


Superior Support for a Superior Product

Konica Minolta offers a broad range of solutions to optimize organizational performance via a comprehensive suite of products and services comprised of industry-leading multifunctional product (MFP) technology, G7 Certified color digital presses, best-of-breed software, IT management and consulting services. Silex Technology supports them by providing the connectivity they need to support their customers.

About Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta is a leader in information management focused on enterprise content, technology optimization and cloud services. The solutions help organizations improve their speed to market, manage technology costs, and facilitate the sharing of information to increase productivity. Clients trust Konica Minolta to help them envision how they can achieve their goals and deliver innovative solutions to give shape to their ideas.

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