Cybersecurity Service

Protect your product from potential vulnerability and exposure.

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AMC Protect

Silex offers vulnerability monitoring/security update  services for Wi-Fi driver, operating system and open source libraries related to our products.

  • Level 1 service: CVE vulnerability monitoring and reporting service
  • Level 2 service: Level 1 service + Driver/firmware update service for critical vulnerabilities
  • Level 3 service: Level 2 service + Driver/firmware update service for even for non-critical vulnerabilities

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Why AMC Protect?

Protecting your device from cyberattack is essential to keep your or your clients' operation up and running. As you can see in the chart right, criminal cyberattacks are happening daily basis. It is often that such cyberattacks are prevented by security measure implemented in the organization's IT infrastructure or device itself. However, it does not mean that your device can keep vulnerabilities relying on other parties' security measure.

In May 2021, U.S. Executive Order EO14028 was issued, providing new cybersecurity guidance for products and services used within the federal government. This guidance incorporates software supply chain concepts and aims to provide visibility into software components embedded in products and services, manage risks such as vulnerabilities, and reduce cybersecurity risks.

As a specific measure, it is recommended to introduce and manage a software bill of materials (SBOM). In Japan, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is in the process of formulating guidelines based on international standards for various industries including the automobile and medical industries, making it urgent for companies to manage their software supply chains using SBOM. It has become. However, although some companies have gone as far as creating an SBOM, there are also situations where there are issues with building the subsequent operational flow and managing risks using the SBOM.

Silex supports our customers to stay up-to-date against the  vulnerabilities reported in CVE database and act accordingly.

AMC Protect Benefit

Peace of mind against vulnerabilities of your product. We take our part very seriously.

1. SBOM management related to our deliverables

2. CVE vulnerability reported related to our software component

3. Vulnerability risk assessment for our product implementation

4. Time commitment for vulnerability patch according to our risk assessment