Integration Services

Driver porting and development, design advising, feature enhancements, and DVT services facilitate a better integration process.

Integrations can get complex. So whether you need a little help with software engineering to install Silex drivers or advice on how to optimally design your product for Wi-Fi performance, Silex experts can help. We have a range of services, including driver porting, driver development, design advisement, feature enhancements, and design verification testing.

If you need to incorporate a specific feature into your module but don't have access to it on your own, you can also leverage Silex's partnerships with Qualcomm and NXP to perform chip-level customizations.


Driver Development and Porting

Silex has rich embedded design experience in Wi-Fi driver development and expertise in porting our wireless drivers for platforms like NXP, NVIDIA, Intel, Marvel, and Qualcomm SoCs. Our engineering team has wireless driver experience with all major operating systems, including Linux, Android, Windows, RTOS, ThreadX, etc. Having worked with a wide range of platforms and operating systems, we have developed an outstanding wireless driver and firmware development skill set. 

If you have a platform and operating system in mind, please let us know. We have a solution for you; if not, we can provide our services to develop a custom solution for your specific application and needs.

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Driver Optimization

We start with the Qualcomm Atheros reference driver and go through a process to test, evaluate, fix and enhance it before releasing it as a Silex Technology driver. Since silicon providers’ reference drivers are typically designed for noncritical consumer applications, our job at Silex Technology is to enhance these reference drivers into software for our customers’ Absolutely Must Connect applications.

Some bug fixes and feature enhancements require modification to the radio source code. With strategic partnerships with silicon providers, Silex Technology is one of the few companies in the world that is enabled with radio source code access. This allows us to make tweaks and modifications for reliability and performance that are unavailable to most of our competitors.

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Hardware Design Review

Are you designing embedded systems and applications? Silex analyzes your design schematics and layouts for compliance. This complimentary service is available to all customers using Silex-embedded wireless modules. Silex will review point-to-point circuit connectivity in this complimentary service and verify physical and electrical trance routing implementations. 

If you want us to ensure that your self-designed, Silex-based product achieves optimal performance, please provide us with its circuit schematic and PCB design for a technical review. Our experienced engineers will conduct this review and develop suggestions tailored to your product.

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Design Validation Testing

Design validation testing is an integral part of the product development cycle, which ensures that the product meets the outlined specifications. The financial impact of a product failure is enormous due to the high cost of re-designs and returns, which can create a massive competitive disadvantage. Therefore, ensuring high-quality design validation and compliance with industry-specific standards is imperative.

At Silex, we perform design validation and compliance (conformance) testing for our products with well-defined methodologies and processes that ensure testing effectiveness. This allows us to ensure that the product meets the requirements for our "Absolutely Must Connect" applications. 

Our customers can leverage our test plans and services to take their products using Silex radio through our comprehensive test suite to ensure that it performs to the specifications.

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