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Beyond device management. Silex's software makes your wireless experiences better than ever.

Maintain and Manage "Absolutely Must Connect" Private Network

  • Silex's device discovery on your private network (LAN and VPN)
  • Network link status check through Silex's device information to maintain the network quality
  • Bulk device configuration and maintenance
  • Device configuration backup to local computer
  • Alert notification to your mobile devices for faster response
  • Troubleshoot support by retrieving device log file remotely
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Wireless Status Check

Wireless network maintenance is critical for a reliable environment. Silex's commercial-grade wireless devices monitor the wireless link status, so you can retrieve information remotely and better understand the potential cause of a problem.

  • Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI)
  • BSSID from silex's Station Devices
  • Packet Error Count
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Remote Device Management Over Private Network

Keep your network secure and healthy. Silex devices can be managed over your private network to:

  • Update the device configuration
  • Restart devices
  • Store current device configuration
  • Update firmware

You can configure multiple devices at once when a common setting is used.

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