SX-PCEAN2 Evaluation

This SX-PCEAN2 is a dual band PCI Express wireless module, featuring two stream MIMO technology and industrial temperature support with throughput up to 300 Mbps. The SX-PCEAN2 is intended to work with the i.MX 6 processor. We have created an evaluation image using the open source ath9k driver. The evaluation image includes the ath9k open source radio driver, supplicant and tools to test the following:

  • Advanced Wi-Fi Security
  • Data Throughput
  • Soft Access Point Mode
  • DHCP Server and Client
  • Bridge Application
  • Wireless LAN Management


Platform Specifics:


 NXP i.MX 6 Sabre SD Board 


 Linux, Kernel ver 3.10.53

 Wireless Driver 

 Open Source ath9k


What you will need?

To get started with the evaluation process of the SX-PCEAN2 with the Freescale Sabre Smart Devices (Sabre-SD) Board. Please download the following and follow the step by step instructions in the user guide.