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Experience enhanced performance of 802.11ah Wi-Fi HaLow with SX-SDMAH(US).

SX-SDMAH(US) is the 802.11ah Wi-Fi HaLow SDIO/SPI module enabled by Morse Micro’s MM6108 for your embedded system. It features an SDIO host interface for your Linux-embedded device and an SPI host interface for your RTOS-embedded system.

It supports up to 8MHz channel bandwidth to improve the maximum data throughput in the countries allowing 8MHz usage. Its smaller size than the SX-NEWAH module provides more flexibility in the embedded system design.

SX-SDMAH-EVK(US) is the evaluation kit for the SX-SDMAH(US) to test the range and throughput performance with the Linux OS run on the Raspberry Pi.

The evaluation kit includes:

  • Raspberry Pi HAT board with SX-SDMAH(US)
  • Raspberry Pi and its AC adapter
  • microSD card with pre-loaded Linux OS image
  • 900MHz pole antenna

One pair of evaluation kits will be necessary to check the full performance of the SX-SDMAH(US). If you have already been using the AP-100AH or the BR-100AH, one set of evaluation kits works to check the compatibility.

The evaluation image for the Raspberry PI features:

  • Linux kernel version 5.10
  • hostapd/wpa_supplicant version 2.10
  • Enhanced Open/WPA3 security
  • Configurable to an access point or a station
  • SX-SDMAH(US) command line tool
  • Network test commands: ping, iperf, iw, etc.

SX-SDMAH-EVK                       SX-SDMAH-EVK_Raspberry_Pi4_model_B

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