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The Latest in Wi-Fi for NXP i.MX RT-Based IoT Applications

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The Latest in Wi-Fi for i.MX RT-Based IoT Applications

In this recorded Webinar, Silex Technology discusses new plug-and-play Wi-Fi options for NXP i.MX RT crossover processors, decision criteria for selecting the right solution based on your application needs, and the latest updates in Wi-Fi impacting IoT developers.

In this Webinar, we cover:

What’s New in Wi-Fi: We  weigh in on some of the latest innovations in Wi-Fi, including the Wi-Fi Alliance naming convention, Wi-Fi alliance technologies from AC to AD, and what the next iteration of Wi-Fi Protected Access, WPA3, means for IoT developers. 

Decision Criteria for Connectivity: We look at some real-world use cases to outline key considerations for selecting the right Wi-Fi solution, including power consumption, throughput, ease of integration, and other features and capabilities.

Wi-Fi Options for i.MX RT: The ideal connectivity solution can depend on your host interface preference or specific application requirements. We discuss two new turnkey Wi-Fi options for i.MX RT and demo how you can get up and running in 5 steps. 

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