Wi-Fi Alliance Technical Paper

Wi-Fi Alliance Paper: "Wi-Fi 6E: Wi-Fi in the 6GHz band"

In a technical paper released in January of 2021 by the Wi-Fi Alliance, the authors break down Wi-Fi 6E’s various economic and technical benefits. The paper first gives the reader insight on a general overview of 6E’s benefits and capabilities. As the paper progress's the reader can obtain a detailed understanding of Wi-Fi 6E has to offer.

Finally, the paper outlines the following 6E key features.

  • Reduced Channel Contention 
  • Optimized Network Discovery Scheme's 
  • Increased Spectrum
  • Uplink and downlink orthogonal frequency division multiple access (OFDMA)
  • Downlink multi-user MIMO
  • Target wake time (TWT)
  • Efficient modulation schemes
  • Increased symbol duration for robust outdoor performance
  • Improved MAC signaling