Crossover Embedded Processors –
Wi-Fi Solutions for Your Industrial and IoT Products

Which Silex Wi-Fi Module is Right for Your i.MX RT Application?

Turnkey Wi-Fi solutions for i.MX RT processors with pre-integrated software drivers

One size does not fit all. For the fast expanding Industrial and IoT applications, there is an imperative need for scalable processing with corresponding variety of connectivity options that developers can choose from. NXP's i.MX RT crossover processors offers unprecedented scalability and performance for real-time applications with diverse functionality that is typical of applications processors. 

In this paper you will learn Wi-Fi options offered by Silex for the i.MX RT and provide some insight on which Wi-Fi option is suitable for your application. 

This paper covers: 

  • Overview of the i.MX RT "Crossover" Processors
  • Target Industries and Applications 
  • Wi-Fi Solutions for the i.MX RT
  • Decision Criteria for Connectivity
    • Host Interface
    • Power Consumption
    • Throughput
    • Ease of Integration
    • Features and Capability
  • Silex's Recommended Wi-Fi Solution
  • Why Silex?