Next Generation Wi-Fi 6E
Plus Bluetooth PCIe Combo Module


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Industry's First Tri-Band Wi-Fi 6E 2x2 PCIe Module 

The Silex’s SX-PCEAX is one of the industry’s first Wi-Fi 6E modules. This Wi-Fi 6E module extends the benefits that Wi-Fi 6 already provides in the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands to 6 GHz and helps increase overall capacity and performance. SX-PCEAX is a tri-band IEEE 802.11 abgn/ac/ax WLAN module plus Bluetooth 5.2 BR/EDR/LE combo module based on Qualcomm’s QCA2066 SoC. As the number of Wi-Fi devices in use worldwide continues to proliferate, making the available spectrum more congested, this Wi-Fi 6E module will be ideal for future-proofing your devices in these dense environments.

This module comes in multiple sizes and form factors for diverse needs. The surface mount option, the M.2 LGA type 1418, offers the smallest footprint while the M.2 PCI Express card form-factor is suitable to migrate your legacy PCIe radios to an 802.11ax solution. The half mini card option also allows customers to evaluate the radio using any platform that has a full PCIe slot.

The SX-PCEAX is modular certified for North America, Canada, Europe, and Japan. This greatly benefits our customers who can leverage our certifications and ship products worldwide. We offer additional certification services for regions not covered. Learn More.

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“It is common to find a mix of legacy clients operating on the Wi-Fi network, making the network sub-optimal. Legacy clients are inefficient, and the overhead needed to maintain backward compatibility contributes to further efficiency losses,” said Mr. Pape,  Master Specialist FO Wireless at Phoenix Contact. “Wi-Fi 6E does not only make the new products future-proof, but it also does away with the complexities of the past by limiting access to only Wi-Fi 6 and newer protocols in the 6 GHz band. Coupling the Wi-Fi 6 protocol with Wi-Fi 6E spectrum will allow Wi-Fi 6 abilities to shine in a greenfield installation.” 

Wi-Fi 6E: Turbocharged Wi-Fi for Medical & Industrial Applications

As more countries approve unlicensed access to the 6 GHz band, silicon vendors and OEMs prepare to meet demand by developing Wi‑Fi 6 devices capable of operating in the 6 GHz band. These devices, known as Wi-Fi 6E devices, extend the benefits that Wi-Fi 6 already provides in the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands to 6 GHz and help increase overall capacity and performance. Wi-Fi Alliance now offers certification for Wi-Fi 6E products under the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 program.

This paper from Wi-Fi Alliance discusses the importance of Wi-Fi access to the 6 GHz band, the benefits that Wi-Fi 6E devices provide to ensure continued success, and key market segments that will benefit from Wi-Fi 6E deployments.

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With 20 Years of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth experience and exclusive access to Qualcomm technology, our wireless expertise helps you develop the most reliable connected solutions. Our relationship with Qualcomm and qualification as an Authorized Design Center provides us with access to the latest technologies that we incorporate into our connected solutions so you can provide your customers with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled products.

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Most commonly available wireless modules are based on recommended reference designs; we go beyond this limitation. With our profound understanding of Qualcomm radios and our RF design capabilities, we create wireless modules that conform to IEEE standards while maximizing peak performance levels within the legally allowed regulatory guidelines. This results in high-quality hardware with reliable connectivity and optimized performance.

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Our comprehensive support helps our customers get to market faster and win business. To ensure we are available at every step in the design and development process, we provide access to local engineering resources for pre-sales consultation, integration, and post-sales support. And, as part of our “Absolutely Must Connect” experience, we also provide regulatory expertise and certification services.                                                   

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