Webinar Recording:

Implementing Your First
802.11ah IoT 
Application with
Silex's SX-NEWAH Module


Watch part 2 of our 3 part webinar series to hear our IoT experts provide the knowledge needed to meet individual 802.11ah application goals using Silex's SX-NEWAH, the first 802.11ah certified module operating in the Sub 1GHz license-exempt band.

Specifically, you will learn:

  • How 802.11ah combines the advantages of Wi-Fi and low-power communication technologies to create the ultimate IoT solution

  • How to use the SX-NEWAH-EVK to evaluate the various features and functions 802.11ah technology offers

  • The hardware and software requirements needed to transform an 802.11ah IoT project into a tangible product that complies with FCC regulations


Zac Freeman, VP of Sales & Marketing, Silex Technology America

Andrew C. Ross, Director of Product Management, Silex Technology America

Jarrod Rafferty, Director of Engineering, Silex Technology America