Turnkey Customization

Leverage our technology and know-how for your wireless product. We offer customization service at various level of engagement. We will find out the best service for you to meet your schedule, budget, technical requirements.

Find out how our proven hardware and software experience can power your IoT application faster and more effectively.


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flexible business model for customization

Why Silex

Customer-minded and laser focused on providing ultra-reliable connectivity solutions, Silex Technology ensures your success through our extensive wireless expertise, unrivaled quality, dedicated support. Our team of experts will support you from initial design to successful launch and deployment.

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Add Wi-Fi Connectivity to Your NVIDIA Jetson-Based Applications

Connectivity Solutions

When It Absolutely Must Connect

Add ultra-reliable wireless connectivity to your devices

Our line of low-power Wi-Fi and Bluetooth embedded modules deliver a completely connected, always-on experience for your customers.

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Easily connect to wireless and wired LAN networks

It’s never been easier to add robust, secure wireless and wired LAN capabilities to your USB, Serial, or Ethernet devices.

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Connect your Displays to your network

Whether in a classroom, business, or retail setting, our innovative solutions will revolutionize the way you share information.

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Get high-speed wireless access for any environment

Trust our dual band wireless access points to handle your most data-intensive applications with advanced enterprise security.

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How Securely & Efficiently Adding Hundreds of Wi-Fi Devices to a Medical Network

Application Expertise

For our customers, reliable connectivity is crucial to success. Silex works with multi-national OEMs whose end users rely on wireless connectivity to improve patient care in medical applications, boost productivity in industrial applications, and provide seamless wireless networking and display for commercial applications.

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Wi-Fi 6E: Why skipping Wi-Fi 6 will improve performance and business results

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