Display Connectivity

Silex's display connectivity solutions bring commercial-grade network connectivity to visually, securely, and reliably deploy your messages.

Wireless Presentation &


Project your screen wirelessly through a secure and robust Wi-Fi network enabled by silex's reliable Wi-Fi connectivity technology. 

Digital Signage
Media Player


Distribute your messages visually over the network. Silex's solution makes digital signage deployment easier than ever.

Audio/Video Multicast
Distribution System


Deliver your live multicast AV stream. Silex's AV-over-IP solution offers beautifully synchronized AV multicast over the network.  

Market Expertise

Retail Stores


Silex's digital signage solution/AV-over-IP solution are easy-to-use to schedule and distribute the contents. Silex's free CMS is simple and user-friendly.

Healthcare Facilities


Silex has been the wireless solution provider for many healthcare facilities. We bring wireless security expertise to deploy your digital signage displays.



Silex's display connectivity solution with its commercial-grade Wi-Fi access point distributes the signage content providing Wi-Fi network.

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