Interactive Touch Digital Signage with ST-700

- Be interactive with HTML5 contents

Convert Touch Panels to Interactive Digital Signages

Create, Schedule, and Deploy HTML5 WEB contents through ST-700



Pull from a Web URL

The ST-700 is the perfect choice for businesses that need to display a specific website on their touch screen. Any web URL scheduled by SX sign control software will be the source of the digital signage contents. You can create a specific zone dedicated to the webpage as the ST-700 can split the screen into up to 8 zones. Your visitors can browse your website on a touch display by simply connecting the ST-700 via a USB port.

Playback local HTML content

You can push the HTML content to the ST-700, schedule it, and playback it. Although you can create your web content and digital signage content by HTML5, how people look at them and get information is different! The web contents may be better to be more static than the digital signage contents that are more dynamic. Let people interact with your content and be engaged instead of letting them look at it.

Easy HTML contents deployment

The digital signage program deployment is made easy by SX Sign Control Software. 

  1.  Define your digital signage layout and add your HTML contents (website address or HTML file root folder). Once you select the layout and contents, you can preview your program.


  2. Schedule your programs. Just drag-and-drop your programs to the calendar.


  3. Deploy your program to your ST-700s. You can map each ST-700 on your floor map. So, you can quickly know the ST-700 that you would like to deploy the program.


4K digital signage player with built-in Wi-Fi, 20GB storage for your signage contents and two Ethernet ports. Playback your HTML5 contents with ST-700 to enable the interactive experience for your customers.